Pick up Forevermore Starts Here compilation at Cherry Red Records

Still available over at the Cherry Red Records shop is the St Christopher anthology – ‘Forevermore Starts here’ that the label brought out in 2014. It charts the bands very beginnings on flexi-discs right through to their last (so far!) release, If black were blue via their whole Sarah Records catalogue and more. As the press release that came with the compilation said……..

•    In Indie circles, ST. CHRISTOPHER are an enigma, a mysterious act who made a plethora of beautiful records and yet are relatively unknown. Forevermore Starts Here seeks to rectify that!

•    St. Christopher revolved around the singing and songwriting talents of Glenn Melia, who formed the band in the early 80s before creating a string of now prized pop 45s on their own Bluegrass label.

•    At the end of 1988, St. Christopher signed with the iconic Sarah Records for a string of memorable singles and EPs. Subsequently, the band recorded two albums for Vinyl Japan and later enjoyed releases on such cult labels as Slumberland, Bus Stop and Elefant.

•    Compiled by Glenn Melia, Forevermore Starts Here is the first proper retrospective spanning St. Christopher’s lifespan. It includes many of their early singles A’s and B’s from the mid-1980s together with tracks from their 90s albums for Vinyl Japan and beyond.

•    The 2-CD set also boasts their entire output for Sarah Records (some 18 tracks). The Bristol label is the subject very soon of both a film and a book.

•    The package has been assembled by the same design team behind Scared To Get Happy and C86.

Pick it up from: http://shop.cherryred.co.uk/shopexd.asp?id=4800


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